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US NBA Regular Season-21 Win Line
Milwaukee Bucks
[email protected]
Brooklyn Nets
[email protected]
US NHL Regular Season-21 Win Line
Chicago Blackhawks
[email protected]
New York Islanders
[email protected]
US NHL Regular Season-21 Win Line
Minnesota Wild
[email protected]
Winnipeg Jets
[email protected]
US Major League Baseball AL Championship Series-21 Win Line
Boston Red Sox
[email protected]
Houston Astros
[email protected]
US NHL Regular Season-21 Win Line
Edmonton Oilers
[email protected]
Anaheim Ducks
[email protected]

Live Sports

Live sport is thrilling. Seeing competitors cross the finish line, knock out their competitor, score a goal… It gets the heart racing!

At TopSport, we want to take the live sport experience to the next level. We love that winning feeling and we know it can be doubled with the thrill of a bet. Watch on as your team or favourite competitor fights for victory, and keep track of the odds live via TopSport.

Live sports betting has never been simpler - or more rewarding. Download our free app or become a member of TopSport now!

Note: legislation requires that all live bets are placed over the phone. To place an in-play bet, give us a call on 1800 TOPSPORT (1800 8677 7678).

Common live sports betting strategies used by punters

Live sports betting is a thrill and while time is ticking, it's important not to get too excited and place a bet before you're ready. Here are some common strategies other punters use for live betting:

  • Start small.Live sports betting is competitive, so start small when betting and track performance. What are your weaknesses? How is your team or competitor performing?
  • Place a pre-game bet if you're feeling lucky. If you have a strong opinion on who the winner will be, consider betting ahead of the game. However, remember pre-game margins are lower than in-play margins.
  • Act as fast as possible. Odds can change quickly during a live sports event. This is where pre-game betting can come in handy, but if not, consider placing a bet in play. You'll have a better feel for the outcome then.
  • Do your homework ahead of time. Getting a taste for live sports betting? Consider doing some research and becoming a "specialist" in your chosen sport. This will help you develop a betting strategy and understanding of the teams, the sports, past performance, and more.
  • Make an opposing bet. Feeling uncertain midway through the match? Don't be afraid to call and bet on the other team or competitor. This is sometimes referred to as a "stop-loss order". This will help to cancel out the original bet.

Accurate down to the last second. Get into some reliable live sports with TopSport

Can't catch the game?

Not a problem. You can keep track of the game or match via our website or app - free to download. Just tap on the game or match you're looking to bet on and see how your team or competitor is performing.

Then, to place a bet, just give us a call on 1800 TOPSPORT (1800 8677 7678).

Discover the thrill of live sports betting with TopSport. Give us a call to place your bets!


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